Flo-Ir presents Edana, your IT, Web, marketing and new technologies partner

Flo-Ir.ch is a magazine of digital and advanced technologies. It will open shortly and will be powered by the IT services company specializing in web servers, website creation and digital marketing Edana. Computer parks, computers and websites are part of the daily life of an IT specialist and it is essential to know how to call on him to take care of his high tech devices effectively.

If you are looking for a service provider to create your website, manage your servers, set up and maintain an effective digital communication strategy in Switzerland, it is advisable to turn to experts in the field. Indeed, a computer installation, whether it is optical fiber, lasers, servers, computer network, VPN, remote deskop for business and websites and applications, must be secure.

To find out more on the subject of IT, advanced technologies and digital, come back to Flo-Ir.ch to read tons of quality information on the world of automation and IT innovation! In the meantime, the expertise of the Web agency Edana.ch will probably be of great use to you, especially if you are looking to digitalize your business, launch an innovative application, outsource your web development or increase your sales through social networks, SEO on Google and targeted advertising.

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